Cléa in Seoul takes us on a tour of her city.

Do you want to come with me and explore my personal Seoul? Buy your ticket and let’s go!

Seoul is a city full of contrasts. You have modernity living together with traditional. In the very centre of Seoul is a neighbourhood called Ikson Dong. I can show you the traditional buildings, called Hanoks housing traditional cafés, shops, and bakeries. The first time I came here, I fell in love with this small preserved area.

Feeling hungry?

Let me take you to a typical market. How about the Isu Market? It’s not far from where I live and where my mother buys most of our groceries. The vendors promote their products by shouting out what they are selling and what the price is.

Time for break and a shot of caffeine. In Seoul you have a huge choice of cafés. In my opinion, this is place with the most cafés in the world. It’s crazy! Here is one of my favourites, ‘The Rain Report Café’. Let’s check it out and you can buy me a coffee.

Now it’s important to burn off all those calories. Let’s take a walk in the Han River Park. Have a ramen soup and watch the water gently flow past. Next, why not do a little mountain climbing and discover the Seoul Namsan Tower. It’s a little touristy, but the view is spectacular.

When would you like to visit me? In the fall, summer or winter?

Let’s finish the day together and take a break. Tomorrow will be a busy day with lots of new impressions and things to do.

Feeling refreshed?

Let’s discover Muuido Island. It’s only an hour away from Seoul. We go hiking, spend time on the beach, and work on our tans.

If you visit me in winter, you have to go to Jongseon. Here you can find many winter activities, skiing, snowboarding, and skating. Experience skiing Korean style!

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