Text read by Mary Peters

Does your toilet smell? Use this trick to eliminate unpleasant odours

If the toilet still smells after cleaning, then good advice is costly. Or not so expensive. You won’t need expensive sprays or air fresheners. The reason is that we discovered a clever way to eliminate bad odours immediately in the bathroom and ensure its freshness.

It is not uncommon for the bathroom to smell. It is true that room sprays and air fresheners mask odours for a short time, but they can also irritate the skin and respiratory tract, turn a smooth floor into a skating rink in a few seconds, and cause headaches. There is another option. You might be surprised by how close it is. And you probably already have it at home.

We all have essential oils, but hardly anyone uses them. However, there are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t forget them in the depths of your drawers. Peppermint, lavender, orange, and rose geranium essential oils not only work wonders for smelly hoovers but also help to clean and freshen the toilet as well. They work like this:

Sprinkle a few drops of your favourite oil inside the paper core of a toilet roll. The essential oils must never come in contact with toilet paper, otherwise, skin irritation may occur. In this way, freshness can be added to the toilet roll in an inconspicuous way.

If you sprinkle essential oil on several rolls of toilet paper and place them (nicely lined up or stacked) in the toilet, then this trick is even more effective.

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