by Ismar, Curitiba, Brazil.

The X-rays were discovered in 1895, more than a century ago. In the third decade of the 21st century, when we have several technologies for medical diagnosis, these rays types of equipment are still in use. Haven’t we found more effective technologies to look into the human body?

A doctor asked me for two X-rays, a profile, and an anteroposterior one. I arrived at the radiological centre about 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Soon, a friendly technician named Lyz Marine says: ––

Good afternoon, sir; how can I help you? I told her that I had X-ray exams scheduled. She took my paper and said that she would call me in a moment.

After some minutes, she showed me where she would perform them; she told me to remove any jewellery in the chest region. She didn’t start walking and said she would be back soon as she headed to another room.

When she returned, I said: –– Lyz Marine, marine refers to everything related to the sea, such as the sea air, the seafood, the beaches, the transoceanic voyages. I love the ocean, I would like to learn how to surf, but I’m scared of sharks. However, you are a person who reads the souls. Do you see more good things or not? She smiled and said that, unfortunately, she didn’t have that gift, but she would like to have it.

I asked her if it would be good to know how to read souls because I had doubts. She smiled again and didn’t know what else to say: –– Yeah, who knows?

After the x-rays procedures, she told me she would check the quality of their images. After that, I could take them and show them to the doctor.

Within a few minutes, she returned. Everything was all right with my exams.

I said: – Thank you very much, and until next time, keep reading souls. But be careful with what you see.
That time, she smiled blue, like the sea, and following it became a little green, the colour of hope, to see good things in human souls.

Lyz Marine, the person who came from the seas and read the souls of men, regardless of their colours, although she always wanted to see them in good condition.

What did she read in the core of my being? She read and wrote, but didn’t tell me anything; only the doctor would be able to tell me what she read in my core.

I wished I had only blue and green messages, no black, yellow, or brown colours!

Thanks to Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen, we can have some parts of our body examined and soul readers.                                                         

May 10, 2022

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