Chicken Tikka Masala

Well, I’m back in Brida again. Just had to sort out a few bits and pieces that crept their way into the inbox whilst I was away, so I really couldn’t get back to my column. Sorry about that! I do have to admit, I was a little bit sorry to leave England again. I […]


I am sitting in the ladies (rather plush, if I might say so) at the Ritz Hotel, in London. I just have to scribble down some notes before I forget everything. And I need to take a few pictures because the ladies here are lovely – gave me a few ideas for my own bathroom. […]

Welsh Rarebit.

Today I am writing to you from Wales. Again, it is so different to the rest of the United Kingdom. It starts with some pretty unpronounceable town names. I mean, how on earth do you say Llanhbydder? Actually, again, the myth is greater than reality. The towns starting with Ll are a bit of a […]


Well, I survived my Burns Night supper and I’ve headed south again, I’m back in “blighty”. And what better way than to start another day of fun-packed adventures with a full English breakfast. And I also want to share something with you I ate before I left Edinburgh. You wouldn’t believe it! Really! I’m in […]


Wow! What a night. It was absolutely brilliant. Terrific food, great entertainment and lots of fun. Absolutely my kind of cup of tea. I am in Scotland now. And last night I went to a Burns Night Supper. I ate Haggis, danced lots of reels and didn’t say no to a glass of whisky, even […]

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