So, what about your bed?

“Mr. Lightwood,” she said, raising herself up on her elbows. “Are those scones under your bed?” ― Cassandra Clare, Clockwork Princess Hmm, it seems that Mr Lightwood is a bit of a character. But scones under a bed? I don’t know, that might be stretching things…but let’s talk about beds. That special place in our […]


Michèle is inspired by an article. This concept, dear to feminism, wants to revalue the professions that meet our essential needs. The coronavirus crisis has reminded us strongly that we all depend on care and service to one another, practised mainly by women and socially disadvantaged people. This concept of « care » has its source more […]

Lockdown in Pakistan

Saif sent a WhatsApp Govt has locked down for more than a fortnight. Every shop and store has been closed. Transport is stopped. Govt announced 3000 for daily waged labours for one month. All mundies and general working places have been closed. Daily, up to a hundred corona cases are increasing. So-called ration (food) providing […]

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