Rocking the Boat

In January 2021, Julia from Mannheim in Germany wrote about her unusual and interesting job. What has she been up to since then? When I tell people that I am studying at age 30, they assume something is wrong in my life. At this stage of one’s life, you are supposed to have a family, […]

Ladies, do you always want to carry or shoulder all that responsibility?

Julia has an interesting idea. Dear Man You could be a gentleman and carry my heavy handbag. Do you want to express your personality? Nothing is easier than picking a handbag and showing who you are! You will never be dependent on your partner because you have everything you need with you. You are an […]

More Cheese

Julia from Mannheim asked Emilie in England some probing questions. How do I recognize what a quality cheese looks like? Smell, colour?  That’s a difficult question as each cheese has its own taste profile so you will look for different smell, flavour, appearance and texture characteristics for each cheese. But for all cheeses, you want […]

Giving Instructions

Julia, from Mannheim, Germany, describes her rather unusual job. I write manuals, instruction manuals, explaining to operators how to use a machine or any other equipment. Currently, I am writing about a conveyor belt vehicle. You will have seen them. This is a vehicle which is used to load or unload suitcases and luggage from […]

Strangers in the Night

Julia, from Mannheim in Germany, took a train and learned a lesson. I think that every person who travels the world has at some point found himself in an unfamiliar, perhaps even threatening situation. For me, this situation arose two years ago in a sleeping car compartment in Kazakhstan. We were racing from Astana through […]

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