Joseph Ferdinand Cheval

Michèle tells the story of a postman’s extraordinary legacy. This is the true story of a simple man who dedicated his life to building a palace. Joseph Ferdinand Cheval was born in 1836 in Charmes-sur-l’Herbasse, a small village in the department Drôme between Lyon and Valence. He grew up in a relatively poor peasant family. […]

Stories and Impressions

Michèle read a book about a courageous woman. This week, I read a recent book from Laetitia Colombani, entitled « Les Victorieuses ». It speaks about a woman who is a lawyer and who, after a burnout, will become a volunteer in a reception centre for women in difficulties and find again meaning in her life there. […]


Michèle is inspired by an article. This concept, dear to feminism, wants to revalue the professions that meet our essential needs. The coronavirus crisis has reminded us strongly that we all depend on care and service to one another, practised mainly by women and socially disadvantaged people. This concept of « care » has its source more […]

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