Role of Parents and Teachers in Absolutism of a Child

By Saif Ur Rehman TGT FG Public School Boys Kharian Cantt, Pakistan Absolutism is the concern with rules. According to the Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget,(1896-1980), playing children become aware of this around the age of five. Children have blind faith in rules and ideas of right and wrong that their parents give them. Children regard […]

When will be the end well?

Saif, in Pakistan, recounts an experience and asks some questions. One day, in mid-December, Abdul Rehman’s friend, Habeeb, was talking about assets and earning money. He showed him a video of his brother-in-law’s luxurious house. It was as well-furnished and beautified as one can imagine. Abdul Rehman thought it was an ideal house, similar to […]

Lockdown in Pakistan

Saif sent a WhatsApp Govt has locked down for more than a fortnight. Every shop and store has been closed. Transport is stopped. Govt announced 3000 for daily waged labours for one month. All mundies and general working places have been closed. Daily, up to a hundred corona cases are increasing. So-called ration (food) providing […]

Are we all Human?

By Saif Ur Rehman, TGT FG Public School BoysKharian Cantt, Pakistan,  Suddenly, while watching TV in the TV lounge, my mother switched it off; went to the room; sat in the sofa chair and began to weep. Seeing her weeping made me curious about the reason to know. Mother heaved a deep sigh and told; […]

Am I ready for tomorrow?

Sania Khan, from Pakistan, describes the education system there. My name is Sania Khan. I am from Mansehra (division Hazara, province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa). I am 20 years old and studying in the Govt Post Graduate College Mansehra. Here I will write about education in Pakistan. Education plays a very vital role in the life of […]

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