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This is a new venture which we will be trialling in late 2021 and into 2022, when we return to live shows, to increase access to our theatre productions. At the moment, we are looking for theatre buddies in Brida.

Many people, either older or with social anxiety, might be worried about attending a theatre production on their own, and therefore do not attend. Sometimes they do not have a partner or friend who is available to come with them, and this is where the Theatre Buddies come in. The official theatre buddy will act as a friendly, approachable person. He will meet these audience members at the theatre entrance and provide friendly company at the show and during the interval. If several people are on their own, the theatre buddy will make the introductions and facilitate provide a friendly group experience. Meetings start and end at the theatre or performance venue.

The theatre buddy will be asked to be in regular contact with the rest of the theatre company for show information, details of any buddy requests, and anything related to making a friendly, welcoming experience for anyone requesting a theatre buddy.

There is no need to share personal information or contact details, as buddying will be done through the theatre company.

 We will require checkable references for this role. The theatre buddy needs to be trustworthy, outgoing, respectful, and patient with other people of any demographic. He should be able to facilitate friendly conversation and have excellent communication skills.

The time commitment will involve online or in-person discussions with the theatre admin team at mutual convenience and attendance at theatre performances up to four evenings per year (with a free ticket and drink for the Theatre Buddy!).

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