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Therapy for Chronic Procrastinators 

Do you procrastinate the small tasks on your to-do list as well as larger life tasks, like making career or relationship decisions? Are you indecisive, disorganized, and overwhelmed? Feeling stuck? I’m a counselling intern who is offering free virtual therapy to Brida residents who struggle with these issues. Please email to inquire.


Meal Prep & Planning

Busy weekends, busy evenings after work, no time to feed kids every day, etc?  

I am looking for working busy people who need someone to meal prep for them. I can make the meals based on the ingredients you prefer. I provide the containers.
5 -day meal prep. Customize meal prep plan. Healthy!

Starting at €100 per week.

Phone Barbara on 06.01.84.xx.55

Wonder Woman 2 Your Rescue 

Cleaning, Deep cleaning, moving in-out, packing-unpacking, organizing your closets, cabinets, office, garage-basement, laundry. Need help? I’m the perfect help you need, right away, to do the work for you. I can also cook a few meals once a week.

I’m very kind, trustworthy, reliable, dependable, well-spoken, very creative, driven. Drama, Drug, Alcohol, Smoke-Free, with a fun positive personality.
Excellent references upon request, PLEASE, SEND a text or LEAVE a voice message 07.xx.15.65.94 to Sandra.
Thank you 😇

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