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Do something that makes you and others happy. We may be a good match. We are looking for 2 to 6 people to train to become Full Time (or part-time) Latin and Ballroom Dance Instructors.

Are you an athlete, a customer service superstar, a classically trained dancer, an un-classically trained dancer, a waiter, or a barista? Perhaps you are a famous public speaker, a world-class musician, or a theatre Geek. An amateur filmmaker, personal trainer, a camp counsellor, or an eternal undergraduate?  Even if you just throw really great house parties… you may be what we are looking for?

 Brace yourself because we are looking for “people skilled” people. Dance experience is great, but “the people business” is key.

  NOTE: This is a horrible job if you prefer:

  1. Cubicles
  2. Anti-social behaviour
  3. Little physical contact

Here is what we want from you.

  1. Send over a regular resume. 
  2. From there, we bring in the best “people-people” for interviews.
  3. For all those selected, we immerse you in a comfort zone altering boot camp (a.k.a. paid training)
  4. When ready, we transition you into full-time dance instructors… really.


You will be trained to teach Tango, Swing, Salsa, Samba. And everything else you may have seen on TV.  So, if you’re:

We might be the perfect job for you with all the perks of a creative dance job and with the security of a full-time job. No walk in’s please, and no phone calls accepted. You must submit a resume. Thanks, and good luck.

Brida Dance Studio
Handel Road

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