It has been another active week in Our Brida this week.

The highlight was undoubtedly when Julia from Mannheim in Germany met Nathalie and Cléa from Hunspach in France for the first time via Zoom. They spent about half an hour getting to know each other. It was an experience speaking to somebody else in the community rather than with me. Everybody enjoyed the experience.

It was the second such meeting. Two weeks ago, Maxime from Schoenenbourg in France and Manfred from Kassel in Germany briefly met. Both have different English skills, and each person came away and said that it was challenging but positive.

Many people liked the article written by Clarisse, Monique and Bernard. Maxime and Nathalie commented that they were surprised and learned something new. This is what “learning in English” means. 

Ingolf, who lives in Soest, in Germany, posted for the first time and attracted many questions. So, now we know a little more about where Soest is.

Cléa, who we know, is moving to Seoul next summer, wants to learn about food specialities from other regions. This is a discussion that will continue over the next few weeks.

Julia, who has a holiday dilemma,  is having a lively discussion. Her dilemma has prompted quite a few responses, and in true Our Brida style, people are then requested to go into more detail with their suggestions. A fun, interesting and helpful way to improve English communication skills.

Maxime is learning from Martin and Manfred in the “Engineers of Brida Group”. Maxime wants to study Mechatronics in La Rochelle from September. Martin and Manfred work for the Swiss train manufacturer Stadler Rail. Both share their wealth of experience with Maxime. Everyone improves their communication in English abilities at the same time.

Our Brida started four weeks ago and is proving to be a good platform for people to start communicating with each other.

Our Brida is still in Beta Mode until the summer while I test the platform and continue building the whole architecture around it. Then it will go behind a paywall

You are welcome to join. Simply click on the link to register, and then follow the instructions. Hope to see you there.

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