Maxime told me an interesting story when we met online last Thursday. You can read his post below. Oh, and please leave a comment. The ultra-short version is that in 2005 one of his teachers, Laurent Pluchart, published his thesis on …! Well, let us say, it is quite scientific. Apparently, according to Maxime, he was or is the only person on the planet who knows something about the subject. It got noticed by someone working for NASA in the United States. They had a few questions that he happily answered. Then they tried to lure him across the Atlantic and work full time for them. Such is the pull and reputation of NASA, it must take quite a lot to make the choice Maxime’s teacher made. He said “no” and now lives and works in a small French provincial town with a great university and teaches the likes of Maxime the finer aspects of physics.

Maxim’s Post in Brida Conversations

Choices. We all have them, and we always choose something at some time. In most cases, the choices we make are mundane and insignificant. Very few are planned. But sometimes, a more significant decision comes along, and we must make a choice. Marriage, mortgage, children, education, holidays, and elections.

And then there are even more daunting choices, like the one Maxime’s teacher made. Few of us will learn why this person turned down the opportunity to work for NASA. Perhaps, Maxime could ask him because there is a story here.

Fast-forward to Julia, who, several months ago, made a far-reaching choice. You can read and listen to it in the Brida Journal by clicking on the link.  Click here.

And there is Igor. If I got this right (I am not often right, and I’m probably wrong again), he decided to sell his marketing agency and start something different.

Sebastian told me the story of spending most of a weekend at a trade fair in Switzerland. For him, it was a complete waste of time, but not for his boss. The choice is, to go back next year or not. 

What are the stories here? What might we learn from these experiences? Besides a handful of new words.

And does anybody else have a story on this subject they wish to share?

But you decide, you have the choice. You can choose to talk about something else. And what will be the consequences? The thing is, we don’t know. Or do we?

See you later in the Brida Café at 5 pm UTC, 7 pm CET, 8 pm in Turkey, 1 pm in Western Brazil and 3 pm in Eastern Brazil. 

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