Text read by Mary Peters

Sustainability is an important topic! Every year, especially at Christmas, we create huge amounts of waste by using wrapping paper and the like, and so pollute our environment. But there are lots of great sustainable alternatives to wrapping paper!

This year, simply wrap the presents for your loved ones in a pretty cloth. Some companies offer reusable cloth for sustainable gift wrapping. These so-called Knot wraps can later be used as tea towels, home decorations or hair bands.

Instead of buying wrapping paper, simply wrap the presents in the newspaper from the day before. Pages from old books or sheet music also make beautiful gift wrapping and have a wonderfully nostalgic feel.

You don’t have to use plastic gift wrap or adhesive tape. Why not use pretty ribbons made of fabric or natural fibre parcel tape? These ribbons can then be reused, for example, as decorations for lanterns or as a lanyard. As an additional eye-catcher, drape pretty twigs or fir greenery on the packed gifts.

Why not pack the gifts in rustic jute bags? The bags made of natural fibres do not pollute the environment. They can also be reused after Christmas, for example, as plant protection or storage bags.

There are also countless pretty boxes made of metal, wood or glass that make chic gift packaging and that we can also use as storage options after the festive season. A pretty, large scarf is also a great alternative to paper gift wrapping.

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