There are many stages in a person’s life that encompass a number of important experiences, beautiful moments that are never compensated, and perhaps have a profound and beautiful impact, which time cannot erase. The wonderful stage of childhood is considered the time of innocence, love, tenderness, and psychological comfort.

This time is special in the memory of every person. I wonder, what happy memories a child experiences during their childhood, which make him say “These were beautiful days” or “It was a wonderful time”?

Firstly, one of the most beautiful childhood memories is playing. Among the most memorable things that a person remembers are the games played with relatives or friends, or played in the neighbourhood, such as football, kites, and maybe some electronic games as well.

The girls also remember the dolls they owned, the hours they spent on hair cutting, sewing clothes for them, and the scenarios they did with them.

Also, we remember some delicious food, which we ate when were young. Even when searching for it in the largest candy store today, we do not find anything tastier than the piece of candy bought during one’s childhood. Or the popular dishes that we exchanged between neighbours.

Not forgetting even, the simple clothes that mothers used to sew for their children, to wear in seasons, occasions over their multiplicity, such as school uniforms, festive and wedding clothes, have not lost their charm.

Secondly, childhood remains embedded in a person’s memory for life. It is one of the main reasons why a person relates to the land of their birth, known as the homeland. Knowing that in the homeland, the person lived the most beautiful days of one’s life, playing with friends, going for walks with the family and forming lifelong social relations and being able to acquire basic skills of walking, talking, listening, This is all-sufficient to fill the human heart with love for one’s land and country.

Thirdly, childhood days are distinguished by being stored in human memory as much as possible with beautiful memories, in which a person begins to learn things starting with words and how to deal with people, being attached to one’s parents and having the feeling of safety and reassurance. Actually, it is known in psychology, that the factors which help a person improve their mood and psyche, are by remembering all the happy events in one’s childhood.  This period is considered a sensitive period in a person’s life. It cannot be compensated, no matter how high a person lives and achieves in life. No matter what age, a person will always relish the childhood memories and all that is contained with them. Finally, one’s childhood is the most beautiful thing a person can think of.  We know very well that we will never return to those days. All we possess of them are just pictures, memories and friends. Perhaps this is the reason why we know that we have lived joy and moments that will not be repeated. The special thing that is never soured by anything. So, the glory for every day we spent in between the hustle and bustle and joy.

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