I am from Oberroedern but there is “Mothernois “blood running through my veins, and I can tell you that I am proud of it.

I grew up in a family of five in which I was the youngest. We grew up surrounded by our parents, our grandfather and an uncle. We have always known big tables; this perhaps explains why I like to entertain today.

My village always had very dynamic associations. Theatre, choir, football, fishing and in recent years pétanque. There was only one restaurant where you could go for a drink, play cards, table football and tiercé on Sunday. I went there regularly with my father.

Our Sunday outings were punctuated as well. The Bistro, after Sunday mass, for a meal, and then off to Mothern, where we spent the afternoon. The whole family met and there were many of us. Our grandmother always prepared one of our favourite cakes, and at the end of the day, a toast was made.

Even today we meet again, but much less often. Mother Carnival, so well known, is the date that each member of the family reserves for itself and the joy is great for my aunt who is the last person living in our childhood home.

I was the only one who spent the summer there with my cousin, my grandparents, uncle and aunt. We were really spoilt, and the village was always busy. Lantern parades, fairs, village festivals.

In winter, when the carnival took place, we were waiting for the holidays to be able to celebrate it. The return to school was never easy, it was so good there.

I was really very close to my brothers and sisters, with whom I spent unforgettable moments.

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