Today, I’d like to tell you about my holiday: Last week, I went to Versailles to visit the Château. On Monday, we set off at 3.00 pm and arrived at the hotel at 8.00 pm, then went to eat at the restaurant. The next day, we changed hotels and went for a walk in Versailles to a market, which was very pretty.

Our visit to the castle was scheduled for 11:30 a.m., so in the meantime, we visited the town. Arriving at the château, we entered, and the tour began. It was magnificent, as the rooms and chambers were superbly reconstructed. The tour lasted 4 hours, after which we visited the Petit Trianon (Marie-Antoinette’s former quarters), which was sublime. It didn’t feel like Versailles.

I was disappointed, because on TV, the reports show something extraordinary, and when we got there, I found the outside to be sad – I was expecting something better. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, had dinner at the restaurant, and then I played billiards with my dad (I won as usual ;).

The next day, we set off for Normandy. After a 3-hour drive, we arrived in Yport (next to Étretat), which was very beautiful. As we had arrived early, we decided to visit the cliffs of Étretat. It was so windy; it was just amazing. Once back down, we saw that they were evacuating the coast, so we went inside for a crêpe.

I went to buy postcards for my travel diary in a souvenir store. The lady at the checkout told us that they were forecasting a storm for this evening. In the evening, we had dinner in the hotel restaurant, as we couldn’t go outside because it was too windy. During the night, we didn’t hear anything, but in the morning, we had no electricity. We had breakfast and packed up to leave, but the bridges were blocked, so we had to make a detour via the smaller roads. It was very dangerous, with wires falling, trees falling, and signs often bent or on the ground. Once on the motorway, we were more reassured, but we were stuck because of an accident for 2 hours. We arrived home at 6 pm.”

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