by Ismar, Curitiba, Brazil. The X-rays were discovered in 1895, more than a century ago. In the third decade of the 21st century, when we have several technologies for medical diagnosis, these rays types of equipment are still in use. Haven’t we found more effective technologies to look into the human body? A doctor asked […]

The Country of Fashion.

Hello everyone, my name is Clea I’m 16 years old, and I’m passionate about haute couture and the fashion industry. It’s why I’ve written this article! It’s good because I live in “The country of fashion” (France of course!!) I really like it, and I’m very proud of my capital city, Paris, because it is […]

My Grass is Greener and Flatter.

Sebastian is a lawn enthusiast. When I was a small child, my father also spent a lot of time taking care of his lawn, so in a way, I am following his footsteps. We moved into our present house, and there was a large, reasonably flat surface, about 180 m². My wife and I thought, […]

Avotra Alsace, what a great adventure!

Nathalie describes a good cause. Created in March 2021, the Avotra Alsace association supports the Avotra orphanage in Madagascar: around 200 abandoned children, orphans, street children, are taken care of and helped in the areas of food, medicine, health, and education. The President of Avotra Alsace, my friend Doris Jacky, stayed there in 2016 giving […]

No People, No English.

Welcome to Our Brida. On Friday, Julia (who lives in Mannheim) asked if giving a present is more satisfying than receiving a present. The day before, Olivier (who works in Hatten, in the Alsace) said that he likes fishing but doesn’t eat fish. Whereupon Julia replied, she can understand that. It is about relaxing, but […]