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There is a lot here. If you click on this post, you will find a selection of tags. The bigger […]

I made chocolate chip muffins

By Stefan, (11 years old), Wissembourg, France Hello everybody,today I baked chocolate chip muffins with Frank. I preheated the oven […]

Brida Unfolded

Manon in Strasbourg and Maxime in Laval ask Frank a few questions. Manon Yes. Do you prefer your question, Maxime, […]

Exploring Academic Horizons

Maxime in Laval interviews Manon in Strasbourg. Frank: and it’s all yours. Maxime: Hello everyone. Last week, Manon asked me […]

Hope Amidst Crisis

By Manon, Strasbourg, France I read Ismar’s post in the 2024 discussion, and I had many thoughts about his words. […]

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