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HANGEUL 한글, the Korean alphabet.

After having an introduction by Cléa about Korean language called Hangeul, I would like to share my experience in the National Hangeul Museum of Seoul. Hangeul is the Korean script that was devised in 1443 by King Sejong. The 4th king of the Joseon Dynasty wanted to create a script that could be learned more […]

Chapter 16 Home

I drove west, somewhat heavy-hearted but light-headed. It wasn’t late, but I wanted to get home, so I took the Autoroute A9. The easy drive gave me the chance to reflect on my adventures, mixed with the pleasant music from the radio. And the traffic wasn’t too bad. I had, over the years, become accustomed […]

Chapter 15 Old Friends

The sun tickled my nose the next morning. I looked at my watch. It wasn’t time for breakfast, but I could get myself together leisurely and think about my “problem”? People have always told me that I follow my nose. But the car was full, the drive would be long. The battlelines between devil and […]

Chapter 14 Nougat

I woke up, not in the plushiness of the Château, but that was OK. I was exhausted when I fell into bed and slept well, so now, I was in the right mood to explore all things nougat. While I was organising the rest of my stay, with the help of the tourist information, I […]

Chapter 13 Southbound

The last day had arrived. I decided to have a little lie-in, and I just had to say a long, loving “au revoir” to “my” bathroom. Even the mirror and I had become friends. I packed my things and went down to have the last breakfast in “my” Château. I was a little sad, it […]

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