When I close my eyes and review the memories of my past, a sweet smile brings me back to my childhood.

I was born into a relatively well-educated family. My childhood was accompanied by developments and improvements in media until my school age.

A game often played was with paper cards with pictures of artists’ and football players.

There was a playground near our house with a swing, a merry go round, a slide and a seesaw.

Most of the time I went there with my friends and played. After we began school, playing with friends gradually gave way to a Sega player.

Although children started playing more digital games, there was a popular game with the girls in my area. It was played with five small round stones that were chosen very carefully. We sat on the ground and threw up one of the stones. Then we had to collect the remaining four stones before the stone fell back onto the dirt. I always won the game and got all the chocolates.

Today those traditional games have been long forgotten, and cell phones or tablets have become playmates for children

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