Text read by Mary Peters

I just spent two days in Chamrousse, a ski resort where I lived for a year when I was six.

I went to school on snow-covered roads, the fox would come around the house at night to find food, my father had to clear the garage door every morning, in short, a life “close to nature” as we would say today.

At the time, this mountain village was preparing to host the alpine skiing events for the 1968 Olympics. It was the year of Jean Claude Killy, gold medallist in the downhill, Marielle Goitschell, Olympic medallist as well and other great French sportsmen of the time.

Obviously today, the station no longer looks like the village I used to know. Lots of buildings, ultra-modern ski lifts etc.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the scenery. The mountains and the valley of Grenoble are in the same place.

A four-hour hike made me realize that I was unfortunately not six anymore. It was like a pilgrimage which made me very happy, and I want to share this emotion with you. See you soon for the next ballad.

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