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The Brida Consumer Company is looking for mystery shoppers in Brida and surrounding areas. Our service provides objective data to clients who have high expectations of our service; NOT tell clients how to operate their restaurant with opinions + loquacious writing.

Compensation: a reimbursement for a meal for two (∾ €40 – €250+) and a €20 fee for full-service meals and €15 for quick service meals.

The following are essentials for our mystery shoppers to meet our high standards:

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1. Superior retention + writing skills.
2. Pays strict attention to detail.
3. Follows instructions.
4. Reliable to follow through on committed assignments within 24 hours.
5. NO diet restrictions (food or alcohol).
6. Commit to at least ONE assignment per month.
7. Constructive Feedback (does not take it personally). If you do, this will not work out.

Following the assignment, the report our diners are required to write takes ∾ 1.5 – 2.5 hours, due 7 pm following dinners and 12 pm following lunch/brunch. Shoppers are paid within 7 days of the completed report.

Applicants will need to be freelancers. You may be invited to perform a try-out an assignment; followed by submitting a report, due within 24 hours.

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