Garden Fitness

Hi everybody. Well, that was really exciting! Samuel, from Brida Fitness, stopped by a few days ago, and, yes, he had a cup of coffee with us as well. Dead pleased we were, spending some time with such a lush looking man. He, Tatiana, and I touched on something curious that we thought we would […]

Rocking the Boat

In January 2021, Julia from Mannheim in Germany wrote about her unusual and interesting job. What has she been up to since then? When I tell people that I am studying at age 30, they assume something is wrong in my life. At this stage of one’s life, you are supposed to have a family, […]

Ladies, do you always want to carry or shoulder all that responsibility?

Julia has an interesting idea. Dear Man You could be a gentleman and carry my heavy handbag. Do you want to express your personality? Nothing is easier than picking a handbag and showing who you are! You will never be dependent on your partner because you have everything you need with you. You are an […]

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