Hello dear readers,
Can you resist temptation? Do you feel that urge to pop all the blisters in bubble wrap?

As you can hear, I definitely cannot. I don’t know what it is, but something inside me succumbs to the desire to go pop. Oh, GO AWAY you horrible, horrible, horrible, bubble wrap.

I suppose, I have to try and be serious here, dear reader, because if your bubble wrap survives your tender caresses, then it is actually rather more than just a pleasurable companion during your idle moments. Not that I have many of those, you understand!

So, where was I? Oh yes, I wanted to explain to you what else you can do with these blisters of temptation.

The first one (and I think this is an extremely satisfying way to use bubble wrap) is to use it as a knee pad. Your reward will be an almighty crackling of bursting blisters when you use it for the first time. And, because your knees are often affected when you are kneeling, bubble wrap will help relieve those joints. And it is definitely cheaper than buying an expensive knee pad or ruining the cushion you got last Mother’s Day. All you have to do is fold layers of bubble wrap into a rectangle that fits under your knees and stick it all together with a little tape. And it will feel as if you are working on clouds!

I visited my son a few days ago, you know, the one to whom I wrote a letter. I have to say, he seems to have taken my homily to heart. When we drove to his place, (which was quite clean) I was rather worried that the delicious lunch I had prepared for him would get cold. But no, how could it? All I did was wrap some bubble wrap around the container with the food and when my husband and I arrived, the food was still quite warm. Which was good because his microwave had given up the ghost!
Spring is my favourite time of the year. Every spring, I have a little, private, bubble wrap festival. It is about now that my husband returns all the bubble wrap he used to protect plants during winter. Each flower pot is usually wrapped with two or three layers (I encourage him to use more, for obvious reasons!!) to protect them from the cold winter days. I tell him that I will put the bubble wrap away for him, then I sneak off and pop to my heart’s delight! Oh, such fun!
The last idea I have is really only possible if you are 1000% immune against bubble wrap. I mean, who needs the extra torture when you can stick some bubble wrap on your window to stop any draughts coming through. I truly, honestly, never have enough willpower to try this. But there are people who say it works. Most strange, if I may say so. You cut out the bubble wrap in the shape of the window, take a spray bottle and add a little water to it and then put it on the window. It will have an insulating effect. But I couldn’t possibly comment, I’d be too busying trying to wrestle myself out of my husband’s arms in the desperate attempt to free the window of those blisters!!

There you have it. Now, I am going to give myself a little treat for finishing this column. I think you can guess what it is. Ah, that was such a relief.

See you soon. Lots of love
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