Fridays are statistics days. When Manfred enters the Brida Café, we ask him for the weekly statistics on his non-smoking campaign. Last Friday, we celebrated a milestone minus one day: 99 days since he quit the habit, making a total of 2290 cigarettes not smoked and €595 saved. In some German newspapers, there are pictograms displaying the […]


A night to remember. It was, for all intents and purposes, a fantastic event. Last Saturday, a combined birthday and retirement party and a resounding statement that we seniors still know how to shake things up. The journalistic approach to my work, of course, means that if it can be used in the Brida Community, […]


Something is beginning to happen here. The series of ultra last-minute cancellations that happened this week weren’t helpful, because advancing conversations is made more difficult, but it is part of the game. But it’s also a question of perspective. Ismar dropped a clanger on Monday with his topic about seeking election to his local council. […]


I really don’t know where to start today, it was an unusual week. I guess one of my favourite movies is The Intern, with Anne Hathaway and Robert De Nero. For me, it effectively shows how two generations can learn from each other. Before you rush off to watch it, bear with me because we […]


You know, sometimes it is what people don’t say that is clearer than what they say. And this week, a lot wasn’t said. Niki (finally) joined the community this week. She just appeared. We have known each other for several years, and while our communication has ebbed and flowed, I had always wanted her to be […]

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