Something is beginning to happen here.

The series of ultra last-minute cancellations that happened this week weren’t helpful, because advancing conversations is made more difficult, but it is part of the game. But it’s also a question of perspective.

Ismar dropped a clanger on Monday with his topic about seeking election to his local council. One of the rules in our field is, “Don’t talk politics”. Well, perhaps, but I don’t agree. Maybe we should about current affairs, because the language is complex, and the content has to be shared in a balanced way. And, personally, I find political discussions so toxic, we have to learn to have a civil discussion even if opinions differ. Some of you have entered the discussion, and it all starts by trying to understand another person’s perspective.

It was on the agenda for last week’s Tuesday Get Together podcast, but as that had to be postponed, it should be on the next one.

Cléa posted her second YouTube video about her evening at the “BTS Festa” in Seoul. Apart from getting a visual impression, and appreciating the effort that goes into making such a video, again, we express opinions and emotions, and you also get the informal expressions her generation use. Not to mention the encouragement for her to continue, as Nathalie very poignantly wrote.

It took me a while to decide whether I should continue the grandfather thread, started by Manfred, after being prompted by Nathalie. How much does one share, what does one say? It’s down to the individual, but it also brings people together a bit more when we know something about their family background. Because the most challenging part of doing Brida is to develop that community spirit. It is something that is constantly in the focus because Brida is designed for you to talk to each other, not to me. I’m just the conduit. But, as the facilitator, it’s only fair to set an example.

Walter managed to answer his own questions on sports and fitness. I guess the topic is not new, but humans tend to need reminding. So, it was a good subject to focus on, and I know that Maxime will have a contribution next week. Something that all can enjoy.

Niki’s invitation to explore music got picked up and is being developed. And if you read her response to my comment on Music and AI, she mentions fear. So, here we talk about honest feelings, and maybe learn to overcome or accept these fears as others share their thoughts.

So, what is happening in our Brida Community? Well, when I look at what we talked about one year ago, and what we discuss now, the difference is huge. And when I speak of perspective, everybody has come a long way. It becomes apparent when you look at the past and start seeing what is in the future.

Last but not least, the Algorithm course is taking shape. We will release it after the summer, when we are all back on board, more or less.

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