Crystal Allies

Carolina recently embarked on a journey with interesting results. As a person who enjoys learning and discovering more about our inner and outer worlds, I recently started to learn and work with crystals. As a very practical person, who often sees the world through the lenses of logic and modern science I was a little […]

Fancy a cuppa?

Carolina from Wissembourg leads us into her world of tea. Drinking tea has become a habit for me. It is like talking, breathing, it is part of my routine. I think it is nice to hold something warm in your hands, especially during these cold northern European winter days and it smells just nice. Tea […]

Going home for a holiday.

Carolina from Wissembourg visits her home country: Portugal My partner and I were in the northwest of Portugal for a week. We love Gerês, (National Park Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês) the only protected area in Portugal. After landing in Porto and collecting a car for our trip. It was a bit stressful at the beginning: […]

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