Text read by Mary Peters

Carolina recently embarked on a journey with interesting results.

As a person who enjoys learning and discovering more about our inner and outer worlds, I recently started to learn and work with crystals. As a very practical person, who often sees the world through the lenses of logic and modern science I was a little sceptical about the power of crystals. What was all the fuss about? Crystals are beautiful and interesting, but do they have superpowers? How can a rock or stone help me? Can we truly learn how to work with them to promote our well-being?

We live in a world that places tremendous stress on our bodies, mind and spirits. We are exposed to stress daily – from the foods that we eat, politics, health, work-life and many other challenges – can pull our lives out of balance. Crystals are not an instantaneous magical solution for all our problems. Yet, when we learn how to work with them, they become incredible allies.

The properties of crystals are known and were used for millennia by ancient civilizations, like Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and Romans. The ancient civilizations discovered that the use of crystals went beyond making beautiful jewellery. They learned about its natural power and use them for medical, metaphysical and protection purposes.

Crystals are natural elements that come from the earth. Crystals can be found in many different forms, colours, shapes and sizes. A true crystal has an organized grouping of cells that forms a unique lattice pattern called a crystal system. There is also a category of stones known as “amorphous crystals”. Each crystal has its own unique properties. Natural crystals are formed deep within the earth over hundreds, thousands or even millions of years. 

“Crystals are living beings at the beginning of creation.” said Nikola Tesla, a Serbian Engineer.

Each crystal has its unique energetic power. Besides supporting healing, crystals amplify energy. The vibrational energies found within the crystals affect the energy fields around them, including the human energy field.

We use crystals daily: watches, electronic devices, construction materials, decoration, jewellery and much more. When we learn more about them, we can incorporate them into our daily lives intentionally. Maybe we choose to use them in a piece of jewellery, maybe we collect some stones and used them at specific times for specific reasons or maybe we just love its shapes and colours and pick a decorative item for the living room!

After doing some basic research I quickly understood that it would not be easy to choose a crystal (or so I thought). There are thousands of different crystals in all type of shapes! So, I started with some “common” crystals that have multiple purposes and are easy to find. Then when I was in the shop, I felt drawn to some other crystals, so I decided to trust my intuition and bring some more. If you are completely new in the crystal world and you want to start learning and working with them, I would advise you to start with 5 to 10 different ones and give it a try. You can search for something specific or simply be curious and pick one (or some) that attracts you the most.

Personally, I do not have any “favourite crystal” because my needs, goals and challenges change almost daily! I do, however, have some crystals that I use quite often, such as:

Crystals can and will support us, but they will not do the work for us! I see them as allies. I use them to promote a focus on what I aim for, realign with what is important for me, release what no longer serves me and rebalance.

Life is all about balance. And Balance is not something you find out there but something you create from within.

What about you? Are you familiar with the power of crystals? Do you have any experience working with them?

If you are curious and open to the experience, set aside preconceived notions and expectations, start with a crystal that attracts you and let your heart and intuition lead the way!

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