No People, No English.

Welcome to Our Brida. On Friday, Julia (who lives in Mannheim) asked if giving a present is more satisfying than receiving a present. The day before, Olivier (who works in Hatten, in the Alsace) said that he likes fishing but doesn’t eat fish. Whereupon Julia replied, she can understand that. It is about relaxing, but […]

Go on, you deserve this!

Sandra and Werner have just the thing for you! Imagine it’s a beautiful spring day, you feel full of energy and optimism. The anticipation of the adventure ahead is pure temptation. You and your partner are going on a picnic. A little “us” time. Enjoy each other’s company in a private part of your world, […]

The Unknown Soldier

The Grave of the Unknown Soldier is 100 years old this year. How did this idea originate? And why? Written by Frank Peters. This year marks the centenary of the laying of the Grave of the Unknown Warrior, in Westminster Abbey in London. Visitors, who stop, pause, and remember can read the following inscription: BENEATH […]

Have Ubuntu and be Hakuna Matata!

Monica, in Dublin, is an artist. This story started sometime in July or August., when I saw the following advertisement in a Dublin listing:  “We launched a new product: Fancy Balloon Dresses. It is suitable for all occasions: parties, weddings, hen parties, birthdays, big events, grand openings, celebrations, proms, fashion, shop windows, launching products. Balloon […]

Guidebook for Hobos

A HIDDEN GUIDEBOOK WHICH PROVIDES A ROUTE TO STAY FREE. “Train Doc” is a 72-year-old American, a Veteran of the Vietnam War and a highly respected member of the community who knows or has heard of him and his guidebook. Train Doc had a very strict upbringing which led him to join the Army. To […]