Cleaning Car Seats

A friend of mine gave me a lift last week. As thankful as I was to her coming to my rescue, I was rather glad when we had reached our destination, and I could escape from the car. I didn’t recognise it, but I mean, it was filthy!  So, dear friend, I dedicate this column […]

Pet Hair

We have three adorable cats, and they are really a part of our family. But there comes a time when you really want to scream. Do you have the same problem? Yes, when they leave their pet hair all over the place. And, with spring rapidly approaching, it’s just going to get worse! Well, let […]

Dear Son,

as you will be moving out and setting up your own home very soon, bear with me while I share with you some of my motherly advice. I know you have done really well whilst living here at home, but believe me, things will be different when you have your own walls to look after. […]

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