Chicken Tikka Masala

Well, I’m back in Brida again. Just had to sort out a few bits and pieces that crept their way into the inbox whilst I was away, so I really couldn’t get back to my column. Sorry about that! I do have to admit, I was a little bit sorry to leave England again. I […]


I am sitting in the ladies (rather plush, if I might say so) at the Ritz Hotel, in London. I just have to scribble down some notes before I forget everything. And I need to take a few pictures because the ladies here are lovely – gave me a few ideas for my own bathroom. […]

How to set up a home office.

Covid has definitely changed many things for us, and at the forefront has been the way we work. John and I have certainly noticed an increase in demand for extra space at home to set up a home office. But sometimes, the property is ideal but doesn’t fit the demands of working from home. So, […]

Painting your four walls.

A few days ago, we sold a house to a client who wanted to repaint the place from top to bottom. He asked us if we had any advice. Of course, we do! Let’s start with rooms and colours. Colours can have a different effect and so you need to make sure that the right […]

From Hunspach to Seoul

My name is Cléa and I am 15 years young. I was born in Haguenau. I live in Hunspach, a tiny typical village in the Alsace, France. It is in the top north-eastern corner of France, not far from the French-German border. It has many half-timbered houses, painted in black & white. It is a […]