A few days ago, we sold a house to a client who wanted to repaint the place from top to bottom. He asked us if we had any advice. Of course, we do!

Let’s start with rooms and colours. Colours can have a different effect and so you need to make sure that the right colour is painted in the right room. Red has an activating effect, so a red bedroom will not be as relaxing as a bedroom painted in softer whites, blues or greens, which relax you more. And a room, painted in yellow will give it a more warm and friendly atmosphere. Don’t forget to consider that you can choose from intense shades to lighter pastel shades.

There is no law stopping you from using more than one colour in a room. If a room has different functions, separate them by using different colours. Paint isn’t always paint. For example, Latex paint works well in kitchens and bathrooms because you can clean the areas with a cleaning cloth. But if your family suffers from allergies, perhaps a healthier paint should be your choice, especially in children’s rooms and bedrooms.

So, when you’ve figured out which colours you want to splash on where, then we recommend you do a few things before you start.

Start by having a look at the surface, perhaps clean it to remove stains and to remove any defects. Then, take some masking tape and mask skirting boards, baseboards, window and door frames. It might be an idea to unscrew light switches and sockets and tape the openings. Don’t forget to turn off the fuses in your fuse box!  Probably the best way to protect floors and furniture is to use painter’s fleece and masking film. And you should use a primer so that the paint adheres well and the result is even.

Get creative and paint some wall patterns. It’s not that difficult. If you want to paint some geometric shapes, then masking tape on the wall will work. Stencils are great for drawing shapes like clouds or stars. And using a rice stick and a string will help you draw circles and curves.

But perhaps it’s a good idea not to go overboard with your patterns. Less might be more and it’s probably a good idea to use colours that are part of your décor.

We are selling more and more houses which have been built from concrete. Naked concrete can have its appeal but if you want to paint on concrete, start with polyurethane as your primer and then use a paint that has a short drying time and is breathable.  

So, you see, at first, it might be a daunting task, but once you get your head around a few simple steps, it should be fun and leave you with a house you will love to live in.

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