Vincent is an Engineer in embedded systems. He is a Project Manager for a Strasbourg (France) based company which manufactures indoor air quality analysers.

Everything is your fault. You complain about society and politicians, but have you forgotten your own responsibility?
Here is a view of what you do.

You drive to your friend who lives around the corner.
You eat your lunch in 10 minutes, which was wrapped in plastic 2 minutes ago.
Your television in the living room is on, but you and your friend are sitting outside in the sunshine.
You eat a hamburger in your local hamburger restaurant and speak about industrial farming.
You talk to your children about the future of the planet, while you drive them to see endangered species in a zoo.

You are responsible.

What do you think is essential to have a good life? Is it really so difficult to change one’s habits?

What would happen if you sold your car?
What would happen if you decided to prepare your own lunch at home and bring it to work?
What would happen if you decided only to read books?
What would happen if you eat only one burger a month?
What would happen if the planet didn’t have any endangered species?

We now know that we cannot continue living like this, so much is readily available and inexpensive. We must be honest with ourselves and face the reality.  

Nobody is perfect, but everybody can change.

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