About an hour ago, before I started writing this week’s newsletter, I had my first Korean lesson with Cléa. Strange as it seems, once you understand the logic and think about it, Korean seems less daunting to learn than I thought. Well done to Cléa for providing Maxime and me with a first impression. We will release the video on Saturday.

Talking of challenging topics. Many people couldn’t really engage with Walter’s WOW word, “scouts”. It wasn’t really members could warm to. Well, until Sarah, who is 12 years old and our youngest community member, came to the rescue. I admired the look of determination on her face when, during her meeting with me, I told her she needed to explain to many what scouting was. And she did! The youngest teaches people much older community members some life lessons.

After months of preparation, Rosi published her Oswaldopolis presentation. It was so good to experience the reactions and help formulate the comments. I sent her a WhatsApp, and here is part of her reply. There was enthusiasm on both sides of the Atlantic. Great!

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Wenya‘s WOW word, “Books”, was the subject for the Tuesday Get Together team. I had comfortably prepared myself for a pleasant and straightforward discussion, only to find that Sebastian had other ideas – books vs visual media.

Igor and I continued the “Changing Careers”, season by taking us to Canada and sharing some valuable lessons he learned there and how to deal with them. And while we are on the subject of experiences, Nathalie described her skiing holiday in Korea. But she kept the best bit until after recording…which we will talk about later!

Another fascinating week comes to an end…

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