It’s always exciting when two community members meet each other for the first time. Last week it was Babette in Germany and Rosii in Sao Paolo. Each of them got the same ice-breaker questions. There came a point when I asked whether I should leave the two ladies alone in their conversation, but they did allow me to stay and assist with the occasional supporting explanation or word. It was kind of them to let me do this.

Save the date:

Cléa and I are cooking up a plan. I know everyone in the community is looking to improve their English. Well, how about Korean? Last Saturday, we decided it might be fun for Cléa to host a meeting where she will tell us about her first steps in mastering this language. But you have to understand what she is REALLY doing. Cléa’s mother language is French, but she will be telling us, in English, about learning Korean. Even with the amount of preparation that will go into this, it will be quite a feat for a 16-year-old. And, to make things even more challenging, but it really isn’t possible at any other time, we have tentatively set the event for Saturday, March 04, at 8 am CET, which is 4 pm in Korea. It’s a big ask, and I hope some of you can find the 60 minutes to participate. For those who can’t, the meeting will be recorded and made available to the community.

Speaking of major undertakings, Maxime is also embarking on a rather ambitious journey. He and some of his fellow students want to “change the future of aviation”, and if the project gets the green light, it will keep them busy for the next four years. But at this stage, they are looking for a project name. Some suggestions have flown in, but others will be welcome. He will reveal more when the time is right.

Last, but certainly not least, I return to the world of AI. Igor and I had a meeting last Monday. A portion of this was recorded and using AI, I created the 4-page transcript within 5 minutes at 98% accuracy. It served as a basis for a 25-unit course. This whole exercise can serve as a template for things planned later this year.

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