New Layout & Features

I have been looking for a solution for some time, and I finally stumbled across one this week. The Brida Website comprises individual blocks, and I found a method to connect all of them so that community members can access all the blocks but only log in once.

When you look above, you will see the changes.

The Brida Café: It hasn’t changed, and it is where we all meet.
Café Conversations: This is where all the community meet and discusses.
Themes: This is where the collaboration projects happen.
Learning Lounge: This is a major change because it contains all the courses I had stored in the Brida Library. All the various courses are now housed here with a seamless transition.
Podcasts: Here is where you can listen to all the podcasts.

Tools: Sam lives here, as do the other support tools we use.
ProSphere: This is a new product, much the same as the Café Conversations and Themes, but it is designed to be a space for companies.

You log in as normal on the OurBrida site, but can roam freely across the whole Brida World. On the surface, the changes are cosmetic, but under the hood, they are significant.

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