Text read by Mary Peters

Ever imagine that the coffee we drink is transformed into the clothes we wear?

There is a company in Taiwan that does exactly that. Singtex has a low temperature, a high-pressure energy-saving process that combines coffee grounds with the surface of the yarn.

Coffee is an extremely popular drink and huge quantities of coffee grounds are produced every day when we make our coffee. Coffee grounds are already used in several ways: plant fertilizers, room deodorizers.

When the coffee grounds are combined with the yarn, the clothes will have odour control, UV protection and dry twice as fast as ordinary cotton yarn. The clothes still feel comfortable but have excellent functional qualities for outdoor and lifestyle activities.

The founder of the brand behind this technology is Jason Chen. He was drinking some coffee together with his wife, Amy, when they observed a person enter the café and ask for coffee grounds to take home. Jason is a person who enjoys sports, so Amy, as a joke, told him if he wore coffee, he would smell less unpleasant.

Accepting the challenge, he researched the process for over 4 years and in 2009 found and patented a method to combine coffee ground and yarn.

The result is an earth-friendly and sustainable textile. As long as there is coffee consumption, there will be a supply of coffee ground. It has a positive impact on the planet and helps give the next generation a better place to live, where inspiration comes from nature.  

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