A future towards the common good. But how?

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in Europe, calls for a change in how we live and do things got louder and louder. The pandemic had shown us the limitations of our actions and the need to change and develop in another direction. But perhaps it is a little like Christmas. It surprises us […]

Groasis Growboxx® fights food and water shortages

Groasis is an organisation that fights worldwide food and water shortages using its product called Growboxx®. It can be described as an ‘intelligent bucket’ made from recycled paper. Productive trees and vegetables can be grown in the bucket. This allows the crops to grow in extremely hot areas or which suffer from drought and erosion. […]

Clothes made from Coffee?

Ever imagine that the coffee we drink is transformed into the clothes we wear? There is a company in Taiwan that does exactly that. Singtex has a low temperature, a high-pressure energy-saving process that combines coffee grounds with the surface of the yarn. Coffee is an extremely popular drink and huge quantities of coffee grounds […]

How safe is what you eat?

Annabelle leads the quality department of an Alsatian producer of unleavened bread.In this article, she describes, a little, the world of Quality Control. The production of unleavened bread includes several raw materials: flour, water, packaging. At Paul Heumann, we choose to work with local suppliers. They are located in the Alsace Region of Eastern France […]

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