The young generation can be shocking. Sarah asked a seemingly simple question, but when I started sharing it with other community members, it was like, uuff, what a question. It got people thinking. You can have a look at the question here:

I have a question for you,
Imagine you have one day to do what you want.
(everything is free).
What would you do?

New: Collaboration Projects.

As Easter approaches, things are beginning to quieten in the community. It allows me to try something new: collaboration projects. We now have three projects up and running.

Firstly, RosiNathalie and Babette are collaborating on exploring São Paulo and Seoul. Then, in Vive La France, Céline & Alexandre will share French culture and holiday tips with Manfred and Walter. Finally, in Brida Interviews, Cléa and Maxime will collaborate to interview people in the community.

Setting these up is a great experience, but Cléa took Maxime’s suggestion like a duck to water and immediately had ideas on what to do. All I could do was let her run with it until she reached the end and had to start breathing again. Watch this space!

The Tuesday Get Together

Over on the other side of the Atlantic, in the Tuesday Get Together, we discussed Julia’s and Cléa’s WOW words (Memories and Fame). Igor skilfully combined both words, then used them to his advantage by asking Ismar and myself probing questions about fame and especially about memories. Our age differences made it possible for Igor to learn about events before his lifetime, but during our lifetimes.

A new experience.

On Friday, another person described his skiing holiday in Norway, and I asked him what he had learned there. He replied that he and his wife wanted to know where they could go cross-country skiing. “Everywhere. Anywhere you want.” they were told. The absence of “entry forbidden” signs was noticeable. Next, they asked if the hotel could recommend some beautiful cross-country skiing tracks. The answer? “Everywhere is nice. Go where you want! “, the receptionist told them.

There may be a lesson in this for all of us: reduce boundaries and look for the beauty in all we do, including here in the Brida Community

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