Text read by Mary Peters

Groasis is an organisation that fights worldwide food and water shortages using its product called Growboxx®.

It can be described as an ‘intelligent bucket’ made from recycled paper. Productive trees and vegetables can be grown in the bucket. This allows the crops to grow in extremely hot areas or which suffer from drought and erosion. The company says that the plants have a chance of survival greater than 90% and use 90% less water.

It is estimated that in about 30 years, the world population will exceed 9 billion people and that almost 50 countries will suffer from water scarcity. The Growboxx® provides a solution to this challenge. The concept is affordable so that farmers can have a return on their investment from the profits made through the sale of their produce. 

The Growboxx® is a container, made from recycled egg cartons, in which a productive tree is planted. This tree will produce fruit, wood, oil or even medicine. There is enough space to also plant flowers or vegetables.

The Growboxx® can also be manufactured locally. This reduces transport costs and has a positive environmental impact. However, it can also be ordered from the Groasis webshop.

The Growboxx® is also interesting for investors. The technique allows the fallow ground to be transformed into productive agricultural land. It can also be used in reforestation programmes, to restore farmland and thus bring jobs, rising water levels, food production, economic development and prosperity to poorer areas.

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