By now, most people will have heard of ChatGBT and what it can do. And here is the first mistake. It is still only computer software acting on the instructions of a human. That it will develop further is a given. Let us not kid ourselves with that. There are many reports about worried teachers who will read AI-generated essays “written” by their students. That happens too. But:

AI is here to stay, and we have to accept that. Teaching is about sharing human knowledge and human experience. That is human progress and development. Are teachers so inflexible that they want to stay standing still while others race ahead?

As a freelancer, I am a one-man operation. Thirty years ago, I walked into a bookshop in Frankfurt and spent €250 on teaching materials. Today, I programme the Brida websites, adapt my work to the needs of my clients, and I use ChatGBT. Because it is better and quicker. I can do other things for myself or my business. Here is how it works.

Alexandre told the story of his skiing holiday in Serre-Chevalier. I took HIS text and ran it through ChatGBT to generate reading comprehension questions, multiple choice questions and crossword clues. It did that in about 5 minutes. Next, I checked the contents and created a short course on the Brida platform. When I showed it to Céline and Walter, they were enthusiastic. I did the same with Walter’s Nördlingen presentation, and have been experimenting with more complex topics for Sebastian and Igor.

What happens in Brida?

You in the community generate the discussion topics.
You think, read, speak and write about these topics.
With topics that generate more discussion, I can use an AI tool to help me create activities to help you look at these topics from another perspective. So the cycle continues.

What makes Brida different is that no textbooks are written by people who do not know you in the community. They sell something that they think is relevant.

Why is this important? You see, I don’t just teach. There is also administration, marketing, selling, and some private and leisure time. While I would like to employ other people, it isn’t financially possible. Yet, there is enough work for them.

Using AI will be challenging for all of us on this planet. But as far as I am concerned, if it improves my product and helps you achieve your goals, bring it on.

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