Easter came and went. Too much chocolate and too much food, and at least here in Cleebourg, we had two days of sunny spring weather.
I’ve been busy with Brida, and I’m excited to share some of the small but new steps I am introducing.

New Podcast Series

Although some of the community members are a couple of years older than Ismar and me, I managed to convince him to join me in sharing our life perspective based on your questions, especially those who are much, much younger than we. It’s a podcast series called 120. We already have four great topics to discuss. I hope more will come.

Welcome Sam. I suspect this will be controversial. But we have to face reality. AI is here to stay, and we should learn how to use it ethically. I hope my tiny contribution will help and get us talking about it.

Let’s go to Oswaldopolis.

Also new, and I am curious how this will evolve. I created a new group, Oswaldopolis. Rosi in São Paulo and I are collaborating by having teenagers communicate with each other. We have Gabriel, Clara and Bianca in São PauloAxel, Yanis and Sarah in France and Cléa in Seoul. They took the first steps. I hope this will grow over time.

Brida Partners

Also new, are guest blogs from people outside the community. Carolina is a friend of mine who has retrained as a coach. We can read her blog post about the importance of having a rest. You can read and comment on it in the conversations section.

Which is my cue to stop writing

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