This week was about synergies.

We start with Maxime. Last week, I wrote that he discusses engineering topics with Manfred and Martin in Kassel. They exchange messages in a private group, Brida Engineers. Of course, they do this in English. This is a win-win situation. 

This week, we took the practising in English process a step further. About two years ago, I saw an advertisement placed by a company that helps you declutter your home and even does small removals. I used this advertisement to create a course. It is now part of the Brida Library collection. Here you can find different programmes that cover ordinary, everyday situations in our lives – like leaving home. In this particular course, you can practise communicating with a company specialising in decluttering. There is also a speaking exercise, in which you can discuss what to do with all your things. As if by magic, you can refresh your vocabulary by talking about all the things you have in your home. Or, in the case of Maxime, his room.

But that is not all. Maxime is an active member of the Our Brida community. He can ask for more advice and learn about other people’s experiences. He posted a question to this effect in the activity part, and now other community members can contribute to the discussion. He learns from the other community members in English. Who knows, there might even be an article in the Brida Journal?

The second example I want to share with you is the new Brida Swimming Club. Six middle-aged men live and work in six different towns in two countries. And they need or want to improve their English communication skills. However, they are at an early stage of this process, so they are blocked by fear of speaking, making a mistake, and generally looking ridiculous.

Not a problem.

In the Brida Swimming Club, these men will learn to swim..in English. They will prepare themselves using everything available. But it will be done transparently. Why? Because when they meet via a video call, the element of surprise will be gone. Everybody will know what to say. They construct a comfortable foundation to continue developing their English skills and forging new relationships.

I will be the lifeguard. Should they forget how to swim, I will come to the rescue.

Here are two examples of social learning and how the Brida world can help you improve your English communication skills. We use three sections in the Brida Project: Our Brida, The Brida Library and The Brida Journal. 

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