Garden Fitness

Hi everybody. Well, that was really exciting! Samuel, from Brida Fitness, stopped by a few days ago, and, yes, he had a cup of coffee with us as well. Dead pleased we were, spending some time with such a lush looking man. He, Tatiana, and I touched on something curious that we thought we would […]

Cleaning Car Seats

A friend of mine gave me a lift last week. As thankful as I was to her coming to my rescue, I was rather glad when we had reached our destination, and I could escape from the car. I didn’t recognise it, but I mean, it was filthy!  So, dear friend, I dedicate this column […]

How to set up a home office.

Covid has definitely changed many things for us, and at the forefront has been the way we work. John and I have certainly noticed an increase in demand for extra space at home to set up a home office. But sometimes, the property is ideal but doesn’t fit the demands of working from home. So, […]

Painting your four walls.

A few days ago, we sold a house to a client who wanted to repaint the place from top to bottom. He asked us if we had any advice. Of course, we do! Let’s start with rooms and colours. Colours can have a different effect and so you need to make sure that the right […]

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