Most of you will have seen the changes to the Brida Website, and the typical teething problems that come with such an undertaking. But I think I’ve sorted them out. Sorry if I have created even more confusion.

The architecture of the Brida sites consists of several separate modules. After searching for a long time, I finally found a tool to link them together and use only one password to access them. So, now you can fully access the Brida Learning Lounge, (formerly the Library) from the main site, which is now called “Café Conversations“. You will be able to reach the podcasts in a few days. New in the collection is the Brida ProSphere, which is a concept designed specifically for companies. And yes, Brida’s Virtual AssistantSam, has found a new home, too. And he is beginning to become more popular as some of you start to slowly appreciate how he can help us all.

The Brida Learning Lounge brings back over 50 quizzes which were sitting quietly waiting to be used again. But there is also a huge advantage here. The Learning Lounge allows us to explore subjects in greater detail, as you will see with Walter’s Beer Hiking Trail posts and Cléa’s Fashion Trends exploration. One thing that wasn’t working so well was the collaboration projects, and maybe here lies the solution. What really can happen now is that community members can create even better stories and experiences, help me generate the quizzes, and then share them with everybody else.
Let’s see what happens.

All of these developments show that Brida is very much alive and adapting to the needs of the community. Thanks for your patience in working through these changes.

Speaking of quizzes, Sarah’s relatively short text about her trip to Mallorca did yield 131 multiple-choice questions for you to work with. But as I observe how community members work their way through them, I can’t help seeing that what is happening is more like consuming the language than learning to do something with the question. So, the second half of the “Exploring Majestic Mallorca” quiz was designed to make people think and learn a little more. It sets a new benchmark, and I am sure, with time, things will be even more exciting.

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