Sam’s debut was, as expected, very mixed. What happened?

Cléa asked the Tuesday Get Together group 4 questions. Here is one question and Igor’s answer:

Cléa: How do you think the use of AI in education will impact the job market for teachers in the future?

Igor believes that traditional education as a middleman between information and learners is dead with the availability of the internet. He argues that education should be framed as the process of understanding and applying information, not just passing it along. He suggests that AI can replace teachers who focus solely on passing information. But, those who focus on didactics and helping learners apply knowledge will have more powerful tools at their disposal. He says, this shift is already happening and there is no turning back.

Sam also decided to come to some of my classes. Many of you felt uncomfortable using this medium and many found that instead of Sam making it easier, it was more difficult.

Below, somebody found Cléas WOW word introduction difficult to understand. Unfortunately, Sam’s explanation didn’t help much.

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The task was to ask Sam to explain something, without translating it

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It was challenging and eventually, translating was easier.

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But Sam did have some advantages: It forced some of you to ask questions, then to ask them more precisely, in order to get the right answer. As we engaged Sam, it generated a whole new set of words and phrases, in context.

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After meeting Sam, we were able to generate vocabulary lists, translate them into other languages. But the main outcome was, humans like connecting with humans, and this is the most important lesson.

Manfred, however, found out how Sam could help him and wrote that Sam would become his friend because he understands C# programming. So, Manfred and Sam became friends and rode into the sunset together.

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