Two salesmen, Walter & Ingolf, create a fun text in English!

Why do feelings of happiness come up when you eat our ice cream?

Simple. Your taste buds are electrified because our ice cream is so delicious. But that’s not all!

Our ice cream is full of flavourings and sweeteners which tickle your happiness substances.

Just imagine that delightfully, sensuous moment when our tangy lemon ice cream slowly melts on your tongue. You feel like being in a warm country.

You can eat our ice cream both inside the igloo or outside, during the day or at night, with friends or alone while fishing, at work or during your free time, before or after lunch.

You can enjoy our ice cream in any situation! With a cone or from a cup. With chocolate sauce, whipped cream or perhaps even with fresh strawberries!

When you use a cup, you can eat with a spoon! But, if you have a cone, you can lick our ice cream lying down, standing up or even sitting down!

You simply must see, taste, smell, feel our ice cream. You can’t but enjoy its excellent quality and fantastic effect on your health.

Go on.
Buy it!
Enjoy it!

Walgolf Ice-cream 
Even in Greenland!

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