Bouncy Castles for Hire

Plan for the next year’s parties. We have the following bouncy castles:  Batman, Elmo, Hello Kitty, Toy Story, Frozen, The Ninja Turtles, The Little Mermaid, Princess, Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, SpongeBob, And Finding Nemo. Choose from the following packages. Package #1One 4m x 4m Bouncy Castle2 tables and 12 chairsPrice €85 Package #2One 4m x […]

Selling ice cream to Eskimos

Two salesmen, Walter & Ingolf, create a fun text in English! Why do feelings of happiness come up when you eat our ice cream? Simple. Your taste buds are electrified because our ice cream is so delicious. But that’s not all! Our ice cream is full of flavourings and sweeteners which tickle your happiness substances. […]

Go on, you deserve this!

Sandra and Werner have just the thing for you! Imagine it’s a beautiful spring day, you feel full of energy and optimism. The anticipation of the adventure ahead is pure temptation. You and your partner are going on a picnic. A little “us” time. Enjoy each other’s company in a private part of your world, […]

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