Text read by Mary Peters

Sandra and Werner have just the thing for you!

Imagine it’s a beautiful spring day, you feel full of energy and optimism. The anticipation of the adventure ahead is pure temptation.

You and your partner are going on a picnic. A little “us” time. Enjoy each other’s company in a private part of your world, which you know and to which you can retreat to relax, unwind and soak up positive energy.

And guess what, everything has been organised. You have already gone to “La Fleur” and spoken to the ever charming Sandra, and succumbed to Werner’s enthusiastic invitation for a hot beverage. Happily installed, Sandra will explain to you how you can have a near-perfect experience.

Go on a picnic! All you have to do is say, when. All will be arranged. Sandra will decorate you a picnic basket brimming with goodies. However, I do need to tell you, you will have to make a choice. But that will be part of the fun.

You could go for the “Time Out” basket. In it, you will have a fresh baguette, butter, delicious cream cheese with herbs, crudités, some local liverwurst, cornichons, a bottle of mineral water and a present from Sandra and Werner to round everything off. Tempting, isn’t it?

But let’s face it, you do deserve a break. So, why not choose the “gourmet basket” instead? Shall we lift the cover? Wow! You have the baguette, butter, soft organic cream cheese, a fruit and vegetable garnish, cornichons, French pâté, fig and walnut confit, the water, a crémant and of course, the present.

For a little extra, (after all, it is going to be an exquisite day), why not opt for some extras? How about some crémant, either white or rosé wine, olives, tapenade, chocolates, biscuits, homemade jam, cakes and coffee? Sandra, by waving her magic wand, will make everything happen.

So, that is all organised then. Do I have to bring my own utensils? No, of course not! How can you even entertain such a thought? You don’t need to worry about a thing. The basket comes with a tablecloth, crockery, cutlery, a picnic blanket (if necessary), hand wipes.

Imagine, as you lie in bed early in the morning. You smile because you know, you and your partner, in harmony and bliss, will cycle to Sandra & Werner’s unique world. You admire the decorations outside and as you enter, you are immediately engulfed by warmth, passion and total dedication to your wishes.

A little chat as Werner gets the picnic basket for you. A wave, smiles, warmth and off you cycle, to that little corner that is yours and all you have to do is sit down and enjoy.

Go on, treat yourself. You deserve it!

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