It’s Monday morning, and I’m heading to Belgium for a meeting for an hour. What a way to start the week, an intensive business discussion in German. Every Monday, 9 am. After lunch, I cross the French-German border and meet Sebastian for an hour. Then, after a quick cup of tea, I cross the Atlantic and meet Ismar in Western Brazil. Patricia, our newest community member, joins us from Germany. Then, in the evening, every two weeks, I head south-east from Ismar’s city and meet with Igor.

Tuesday, my day starts in Seoul and my meeting with Nathalie. I have a short break, and then I am back in Brazil, and Germany, at the same time to meet with Rosi and Babette. Then, if Julia and I have an appointment, I quickly pop up to Mannheim in Germany before crossing the Atlantic again and meeting Ismar, and Igor, over in Brazil. Sebastian joins us, and if there are any guests, they can join us from wherever they are.

Wednesday is a slow day. The French / China connection in the form of Wenya fills my morning before I disappear off the radar on Wednesday afternoons and do something totally different: working with a bunch of children.

Thursday morning, it’s time for Clarisse, Monique and Bernard to arrive, coffee and English, local gossip, and Brida gossip. Once they’re gone, lunch before I head west to Laval and meet Maxime. Young Sarah knocks on the office door immediately after that. She has barely left when Alexandre and Céline arrive, and we meet Walter in Nördlingen.

Friday, back in Mannheim to meet Joerg, followed by the Brida Swimming Club (Martin and Manfred) in Kassel in Northern Germany. The day ends with Geneviève, who is not in the community. Every two weeks, the “Baroudeurs” drop by for their Apéro & English. By this time, I am feeling jet lag, but I have one more trip to make: very early Saturday morning, a quick trip to Seoul and back to catch up with Cléa.

I could collect many air miles, but I never leave the office when I travel, and I want to include new destinations this year.

And then, suddenly, I remember. The Brida Community, as it is now, is one year old this month.

Happy Birthday to us all.

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